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What is clothing?

Clothing mainly refers to any number of fibers and materials that are used to cover the parts of the human body, including pants, shorts, shirts, dresses, coats, and underwear. Almost every segment of the human population wears clothing, although the types of clothing people wear vary widely around the world.

Religious, historical and even geographical influences play a big role in determining the type of clothing people wear, as well as their age and socio-economic status.


All kinds of clothes

Clothes are placed in different categories. Children’s, women’s and men’s clothes, each of these is again divided into other parts. Of course, we should not forget sports clothes, underwear, etc.

Work clothes are another type of clothes that are not paid attention to in society. One of the factors that protect our families is the work clothes they use. But unfortunately, in order to reduce costs, some companies try not to provide protective clothing to the troops.


Range of work clothes

The range of disposable clothing available on the market today is vast. It is different in terms of application and the degree of safety it must guarantee: for example, if the clothes must completely protect the body against contact with chemical agents of various types, we will talk about disposable protection.


What are the characteristics of a good dress?

According to our needs, we go to the market several times a year to buy clothes. Many times, shopping is very enjoyable, which is very effective for changing the mood. If our purchase is not based on impatience and principles, it will definitely have a negative effect on us.

It is better to pay attention to the following points while buying clothes so that we can make a pleasant purchase.

We should choose clothes based on our body shape and decide which features to focus on the most. An expensive dress is not always the best choice. Sometimes it has been seen that a suitable dress that has a suitable price can be our best option because we see all the characteristics that we considered in this dress.

You can choose clothes that hide the parts of your body that you want or focus on more parts.


Dress design:

Horizontal designs make your body look wider and vertical designs make your body look taller and more elongated. If you are fit and want to show your body wider or slimmer, it is better to use patterned clothes.



Dressmaking has a great impact on your style. For example, puffy jackets make your body look bigger and wide-leg pants make your legs look wider.



Belts that are placed lower than the waist make the person’s body appear more curved and shape its different parts.


Types of lower body:

Long and straight skirts are very suitable for showing your lower body wider, and A-shaped skirts shape your body and make your lower body appear wider.


Clothing fit:

Tight clothes show the details of the body more prominently and loose clothes cover the details of the body.

The most important priority in choosing the right clothes is its fit with your body. A dress that does not fit your body, no matter how beautiful it is, you will not look good by wearing it. You should know your body size when buying clothes or sewing clothes so that you can make the best choice.


What are the unique features of a good dress?

1: Loose clothes and tight clothes restrict our body movements, but clothes that fit our body are comfortable and do not restrict our body movements.

2: When buying pants, pay special attention to the hem of the pants. Short legs make a person look shorter.

3: Buy clothes that fit you right now.

4: If you are planning to lose weight and want to lose weight, you should not think about buying clothes that will fit your body after losing weight. Don’t look for clothes that are tighter or looser, choose a dress that covers you right now.

5: If you are wearing buttoned clothing such as a jacket or blouse during pro and you are not able to close the buttons, that blouse is not your size, you should choose a bigger size.

6: If the clothes are tight on your body, it is not the right choice for you.

7: Always check the back of the dress when buying, a dress may look good from the front, but it looks awful from the back, so be sure to check the dress from both sides.

8: Look for the color of the clothes that matches your skin and as the saying goes, that color suits you better.

(People who have warm skin color should use warm colors and those who have cold skin color, cold colors are a better option for them)

9: When choosing the style of your clothes, try to choose colors that go together. Red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow colors are not compatible with each other.

10: Put the color of your main dress as the base and then match the rest of the clothes and colors with it. For example, your main dress is your coat or coat, which you should base on. Pants, shawls, bags and shoes are part of the rest of the clothes.

11: In clothes, light colors, black, dark gray, light and dark brown, gray, and navy are the most appropriate colors.

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1 review for clothing

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    Good Grade and quality

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